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Clients say
We have a family member who would get very bad cold sores from a young age and on a regular basis. Now, hardly gets them and if so takes these immediately and usually its gone in 1 to 3 days and it never really surfaces! My doctor says it makes since as it has anti viral properties. To us its worth the cost.


Product - ROEX Oleuropein

Great product tablets are easy to swallow good company.

Anthony Montanarello

Product - Vitamin C

My husband takes this product. I take the Immortale for women. They are both very noticeable in the way that we act, think and feel! It also stops my hair from falling out. It brings a calmness and clarity of mind to us both. It helped me so much during menopause.


Product - Immortale for men

MSM with vitamin C was highly recommended by a holistic doctor who is also a neurosurgeon as a youth formula. This formula is pure and the price is right.


Product - MSM

I have been using PC-95 for about a year now and I find it to be VERY effective. A couple of times, while waiting for a restock order to arrive, I have tried other manufacturers' grape seed extract products. The results were, shall we say disappointing, at best. I have been diagnosed with a mild form of PCV's (premature ventricular contractions), which can be very uncomfortable. Taking PC-95 GREATLY (nearly 100%), and quickly reduces my symptoms. I'm not sure why, I only know it works. I HIGHLY recommend it! God bless. :)

Robert Ellis Young

Product - PC-95