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Enjoy Flexible Joints Without Discomfort!

For the most comprehensive joint formula pack made, try the Joint Support Pack.

Flamatrol® , Natural Collagen Plus and MSM provide you the extra ingredients to support healthy joints.

Designed to alleviate discomfort and reduce stiffness, the Joint Support Pack cushion and lubricates joints for enhanced flexibility and movement and helps maintain and build healthy cartilage. You Save $41.30!

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Q. What is Flamatrol®?
A. Flamatrol® is a clinically-tested, all natural supplement that supports joint comfort. Flamatrol helps promote joint comfort and supports healthy joints and enhances flexibility. Many customers feel the benefit as soon as two weeks after taking Flamatrol. Some customers feel a difference in just a matter of days.

Q. What is Roex® MSM Capsules?
A. Roex® MSM is naturally occurring dietary sulfur that is 99.9% pure sulfur and enhanced with Vitamin C for better absorption. MSM promotes healthy joints, cartilage, bones, skin, hair and nails.

Q. What is Natural Collagen II?
A. Most collagen is denatured using a high-heat process, but this can break down its structure. Roex® uses a low-heat denaturing process that leaves natural structures intact. Similarly, Natural Collagen II Plus® is not treated with hydrogen peroxide, acids, bases or enzymes, since these treatments also alter the collagen's structure. Keeping the long chains of amino acids that form the collagen intact facilitates retraining the natural defense system.

  • Chicken Sternal Collagen Type II: Roex® opted to use chicken collagen because studies show that the avian variety is much more compatible with human physiology and has more positive results than similar studies using bovine Type II. Further, the chicken sternal collagen type II selected by Roex has protein content ranging between 55 and 65 percent for polypeptides and between 35 and 45 percent for mucopolysaccarides, levels unattainable in other Type II sources.
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