Fight The Blues Pack

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Fight The Blues Supplement Pack

Beat The Blues With The Fight The Blues Pack!

If life sometimes gets you down and you are looking for a fresh perspective, give the Fight the Blues Pack a try.

This pack contains nutritional supplements that can enhance both mind and body. Happiness 1-2-3!™, is a natural serotonin booster that can bring about a happy state of mind.

The multivitamin Nutra-2™ is also included in the pack to make sure your body does not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies.

Omega Advantage™ fish oil supplement rounds out the Fight the Blues Pack as fish oil is well known for its brain health benefits.

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Q: What makes Happiness 1-2-3! unique?
A: Known as the Happy Pill, Happiness 1-2-3! is designed to support normal serotonin levels in the brain and a sense of happiness and well-being.

Q: What makes Omega Advantage™ unique?
A: The addition of natural citrus flavor assists with any possible reflux associated with consuming the capsule and the rosemary extract is an antioxidant that helps keep the fish oil contained in Omega Advantage fresh.

Q: What makes Nutra-2™ unique?
A: Nutra-2 is one of the few multivitamin supplements that contain a probiotic to ensure digestive tract health.

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